GaiaWrx believes thriving communities build and nurture strong businesses run by informed leaders. We take a human-centered approach and view challenges holistically. We understand change and growth happen at the person level. We believe all people have an important contribution to make and that the vibrancy of businesses and communities grow with a people-first approach.

Our approach reflects this belief. We believe in strengthening individuals, to prepare them to run businesses or to be amazing employees and teammates. We provide executive and team development, using leadership tools and techniques that help people flourish.

We believe a strong ecosystem has a variety of small businesses that support each other and offer products and services that solve the world's greatest problems.

GaiaWrx uses proven business practices and tools to help businesses grow and thrive by connecting them to the information and resources they need. We are a Kauffman FastTrac Affiliate provider because we believe the FastTrac program helps businesses reduce risk. We developed a strategic communication tool that enables business to understand and communicate with stakeholders to take the guess work of out communicating.

GaiaWrx is a member of the International Business Innovation Association and our founder teaches the certification program that helps entrepreneurship programs grow. The tools, techniques, processes, and procedures she shares with colleagues are proven and effective methods of growing healthy ecosystems of support that enable and engage entrepreneurs.